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Ruiz Construction Systems is dedicated to safety.

Specialized General Contracting Solutions

Ruiz Construction Systems, Inc. is a General Contractor who specializes in demolition, concrete, carpentry, masonry, plaster, painting, roofing, drywall, and other trades.

Gonzalo “Smiley” Ruiz is the President/Owner of Ruiz Construction Systems, Inc. with over 38 years of experience in the construction industry. Ruiz was established in 2006 in the State of Illinois, and is MBE Certified by Illinois State CMS.

With over 16 years of experience in performing a wide variety of projects across multiple industries including but not limited to; healthcare, aerospace, nuclear & power, living, educational, industrial, commercial, and governmental. RCS has become knowledgeable in the expectations, requirements, and standards that are sought after for a variety and types of engagements. With competent, knowledgeable and task manager trained individuals at all levels of management, RCS is capable and prepared to perform the work at hand.
Ruiz is a union contractor, and performs a majority of their work in the Northern Illinois area.

Commitment to Safety

Ruiz Construction Systems is dedicated to safety.  A worker injury on our projects is a rare, but unacceptable, occurrence.

Some of the safety tools that we use to keep everyone safe on the job are: site-specific safety plan, regular site safety inspections, regular safety meetings, and training & certification of workers.  A safety manual is kept with the foreman of each project and we also require safety manuals and project safety plans from our subcontractors.  Daily and weekly inspections are performed along with independent site inspections.

Ruiz uses the following to reduce injuries and increase safety for its work force:  safety incentives, disciplinary policy for fall protection violations, employee disciplinary violation tracking, company-wide morning pre-job briefs with workers, increased third party site safety audits and inspections, regularly updated safety program manual, and training on a semi-annual basis.

In an effort to ensure job safety, prior to commencement of construction on a project, we assess that project on an individual basis and analyze what risks, if any, are inherent and unique to that specific job.  We then monitor and demand adherence to established job-specific safety measures, as well as safety measures routinely imposed upon all Ruiz jobs.  We consider safety and accident prevention included within the scope of work of every party involved on projects managed by Ruiz Construction Systems, from material suppliers to laborers of our subcontractors.